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Infinit was founded in Belgium in 2003, as an IT services company. Its mission is to provide services in the domain of compute, networking and storage hardware and software, ranging from education, consulting, design and implementation to administration and support.


Infinit is represented by Serge De Vynck, its founder, whose professional profile is shown hereafter:

Name: Serge De Vynck

Eduction: Master in the science of electrical engineering, specialized in computer technology. University of Ghent, highest distinction

Additional education:

  • Meeting techniques
  • Project management
  • AIX user, advanced user, administration and advanced administration. AIX is the UNIX of IBM. Occasional teacher for all of these classes.
  • Korn shell scripts: very good knowledge. Occasional teacher for this class.
  • SP installation, SP administration. The SP (Scalable Parallel) is a scalable supercomputer from IBM, which allows MPP (Massive Parallel Processing).
  • Logical partitioning (LPAR) and advanced logical partitioning in a Power5, Power6, Power7 and Power8 environment. This allows virtualization of hardware resources in order to create virtual machines and virtual devices. Occasional teacher for these classes.
  • AIX asynchronous communications
  • ADSM/TSM/Spectrum Protect, Advanced ADSM/TSM. ADSM/TSM/Spectrum Protect is a cross platform backup/archive software product from IBM. Occasional teacher for these classes.
  • TCP/IP, advanced TCP/IP
  • AIX security
  • Network installation manager. NIM is a tool to install and manage software on remote machines from a central point. Occasional teacher for this class.
  • Networking concepts
  • AIX/Windows interoperability
  • HACMP/PowerHA, advanced HACMP/PowerHA. HACMP and PowerHA are products that allow multiple computers to co-operate in a clustered environment, both for high availability and for load balancing. Occasional teacher for these classes.
  • Windows 2000 architect school
  • Gresham EDT. EDT is a product which allows sharing of high-end tape libraries in a TSM environment.
  • Veritas Storage Foundation. This software suite consists of Veritas Volume Manager and Veritas Filesystem. These are cross platform products which allow dynamic creation and management of volumes and filesystems for performance and availability purposes
  • Veritas Cluster Server. This product enables the construction and management of clusters for high availability on many platforms.
  • Red Hat Linux administration


  • AIX
    • AIX system administration
    • AIX support professional
    • AIX problem determination
    • AIX installation and system recovery
    • AIX communications
    • AIX certified advanced technical expert
  • p Series systems
    • eServer p5 and pSeries enterprise technical support
    • p5 and pSeries technical sales support
  • IBM Certified instructor
  • Tivoli Certified instructor
  • IBM Certified TSM specialist
  • IBM Certified HACMP specialist
  • IBM Certified PSSP specialist
  • Gresham Certified EDT specialist
  • Veritas Certified Foundation Suite specialist
  • Veritas Certified Cluster specialist
  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator


  • Dutch: native tongue
  • French: very good knowledge
  • English: very good knowledge
  • German: notions


  • 1997 – 2000: IBM AIX, PSSP, TSM and HACMP support engineer
  • 2000 – 2003: IBM AIX, PSSP, TSM and HACMP service engineer
  • 2003 –  : freelance IT services

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